If you are a DJ or Talkshow streamer and interested in getting up and running quickly on Twitch, this boot camp is for you.

What will we cover? Here is a quick list:

  • Twitch etiquette

  • The philosophy of Twitch

  • All equipment and technology needed to stream.

  • Walkthrough of multiple broadcasting system options (OBS, Streamyard, Streamlabs)

  • Activating Bots on your stream with varied commands.

  • Building your audience on Twitch.

  • Engagement & Communication Best Practices

  • Overlays and Emotes

  • Twitch Growth Strategies

  • Selecting moderators

  • DMCA Do’s and Don’ts

  • Making affiliate and partner on Twitch

  • and more …

What is included in the boot camp?
  • One hour 1 on 1 personalized coaching session

  • Two separate four (4) hour live training sessions one month apart. The break is designed for the DJ or Talkshow streamer to use what is taught on Twitch and then add to the foundation after four weeks.

  • Exclusive Discord channel for all students in the class. Unlimited access.

  • Unlimited email support.

  • Guest speakers during each live training session.


What will we cover? Here is a quick list:

  • How to Navigate Twitch

  • A thorough review of the MOD Screen

  • The philosophy of creating a warm and welcome environment on a channel.

  • How to complete polls

  • How to complete predictions

  • How to create and use commands through the bots (Streamlabs, Nightbot, etc)

  • Networking outside of the stream and how that helps the streamer you mod for

  • Welcoming and setting up raids

  • Managing trolls

  • Assisting the streamer with growth opportunities/ideas

  • and more …

Streamers looking to have their mods Level up or Mods who want to help streamers on their journey!