Best Studio Equipment 2020

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Best Pro Grade equipment with links!

Yamaha HS7M's with $250 of extras (Stands, Mogami cables and Mo Pads) black version (no Mogami) $639 White (with mogami) $699 free shipping

Best Audio Interface / Sound Card

Audient ID14 has amazing audio converters, Mic input and build quality (solid aluminum $299 free shipping.

Best COMPACT midi controller

Akai MPK Mini V2 Small but gets the job done. Perfect for small studio spaces. $99 free shipping.

Best 49 Key or 61 Key controller for the price

Alesis V49 key midi controller$!29 Alesis V61 key midi controller1$169 free shipping.

Audio Technica M50x are the best studio headphones under $300 at only $149 free shipping and NO TAX. (2nd options is the M40X a step down for $99

Best USB Audio Microphone on a budget

Blue Yeti Microphone. Can be setup via USB with your audio interface. Multi purpose for starter vocal recording, podcast or blogging on a budget. $99-$126 depending on the color you select. Amazing build quality (solid aluminum free shipping.

Best XLR Microphone on a budget w/ Pop Filter (microphone connects to audio interface)

ASTON ORIGIN CARDIOID CONDENSER MICROPHONE w/ Pop Filter. Amazing professional sounding vocal recording on a budget, for professional sounding vocals. $269 pro build quality (solid aluminum free shipping.

Best way to spice up studios on a budget w/ LEDRGB Light Strip 16.4ft

LED 5050 RGB Light Strip 10ft amazing great quality only $13.99 free shipping.

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