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TWEAK MUSIC ACADEMY: Are you still looking for professional results and yet running to YouTube?
Ultimately just getting lost in the abyss of results!
Quit looking!  

We can save you time and MONEY, all the while helping you achieve the sound that YOU want - YOUR sound & style!
HOW?!?! We have helped ALL of our students land recording deals, record contracts & score many other types of music industry contracts!

If you're SERIOUS about taking your music production to the next level, then it’s time to begin our 1 on 1 mentorship program! 
Our program helps you HONE your skill set to produce a professional sound and FINISH tracks! 

Regardless If you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced - we have helped EVERY type of musical engineer
succeed in the business. 
We know how to setup the systems to help you start and finish tracks, PROFESSIONALLY.  
Check out our programs below. 

Tier 1: DJ's who would like to level up by learning how to create intros, clean edits, mashups,

mix  CD's(in the DAW) and more!

Tier 2: DJ's or aspirating producers (intermediate to advanced) who would like to improve their production skills.

With custom tailored production and remixing techniques!

Stop running to YouTube for every issue that frustrates you, or slows you down and let us save you time and help you get that sound you want!  


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